Smoking and Pregnancy – How to Safely Quit Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking and pregnancy…pregnancy and smoking; no matter how you say it those two words just do not go together. If you are an expecting mother who also happens to be a smoker you probably already know this and right now you are most likely searching the web to find out just how you can stop smoking during pregnancy.

First of all let me congratulate you, not only on being pregnant but for taking action to protect your baby from the damage cigarette smoking can cause. And make no mistake, cigarette smoking can cause serious damage to your unborn baby. From pre-term deliver to low birth weight smoking is dangerous for your baby. cbd fruchtgummis kaufen

But the good news is that you can safely stop smoking during pregnancy and there are ways to quit smoking that are highly effective. But there are also other ways to quit smoking that are almost as dangerous for expecting mothers and their babies as smoking itself. Your first goal as an expecting mother is to keep your baby safe so you need make sure you pick a smoking cessation method that will not harm your baby.

You want to avoid unsafe chemicals and medications during pregnancy. That rules out smoking cessation medications. Most of these medications are not recommended during pregnancy. Also, one of the most harmful chemicals in cigarettes is nicotine. So you do not want to use the patch which works by feeding nicotine to your body in place of cigarettes.

So what is the best way for pregnant women to quit smoking?

Hypnotherapy is simply the safest and most effective way to quit smoking while pregnant.

I am not talking about the laying on the couch, swinging pendant, “you are getting sleeeeeepier” kind of hypnotherapy. I am talking about a very effective form of hypnotherapy that uses the latest technology to remove the cravings to smoke from your subconscious.

This brand of hypnotherapy is called NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming and it has proven to be the most effective smoking cessation method available today. In a recent study over 90% of smokers who used NLP techniques remained smoke-free six months later.

NLP is especially effective for pregnant women because it not only gives them a very effective way to quit smoking it is also is all natural. As a form of hypnotherapy there are no chemicals or medications involved. It could not be easier to quit smoking using NLP techniques. All you have to do is listen to a specially formatted NLP recording and the cravings to smoke are quickly removed. You do not even have to leave your home.

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