Trout Fishing – 2 Techniques To Help You Catch Bigger Rainbow Trout

Trout fishing is a popular activity and one that many anglers partake in throughout the fishing season, yet catching trout that are larger than about fourteen inches is something that eludes many people. This shouldn’t be the case though as larger trout can be caught (and caught consistently) if a few simple tips, tricks, and techniques are employed. Below I will outline 2 techniques that will help you catch bigger rainbow trout the next time that you head out trout fishing, so that you can begin to eclipse this fourteen inch barrier when it comes to catching rainbow trout.

It’s important to point out that these techniques relate directly spin fishing and are for the angler who enjoys fishing for trout while using ultra light spin fishing equipment. While many people think of “fly fishing” when they think of fishing for trout, I have never been one of those people and for the last twenty plus years have opted instead to use ultra light spin fishing gear anytime that I am fishing for these beautiful fish. With that being said, what do you say we get down to business so that you can start experiencing more success on the water?

The first technique that will help you catch bigger trout is called the persistence technique. This technique involves locating a large trout (usually by seeing or hooking and losing the fish) and then being persistent, and fishing that area relentlessly, until which time as the trout is caught. My trout fishing mentor used to practice this technique all the time. Once he located a large trout, he would then fish the same area of the river that the trout was located everyday until which time as he hooked the trout again. You see, trout that are on the larger size of the spectrum tend not to move around a lot. Does being persistent work as a “trout fishing technique”? Well, my mentor had multiple trophy sized trout on the walls of his house and I have personally used this technique to catch my three “wall hangers” as well, so I would have to say, yes it does. Fishing lures

tional fishing technique which is known as drift fishing. Drift fishing is an excellent trout fishing technique to employ anytime that you are wading in the river or stream that you are fishing. When drift fishing, your live bait or trout fishing lure is cast into the water and allowed to “drift” naturally with the current as it flows downstream. There are many nuances within this one technique, but the bottom line is that is an amazingly effective fishing technique, especially when coupled with the first technique.

One of the main keys to catching bigger rainbow trout is to spend as much time as you can on the water. There is simply no substitute for practice and the more practice you can get in, using whatever method is your favorite, the bigger trout you will catch. Remember, large trout didn’t get that way by accident. In almost all cases they have gotten big because they have survived multiple fishing seasons and have likely been caught and released several times in their lives. Large trout are familiar with many of the tricks, baits, and techniques that are used to catch them, which is what makes them difficult to catch. This means that you want to do everything that you can to hone your skills and become a better and more proficient angler, and spending as much time on the water as possible is the best way to accomplish this task

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