Marketing Mistakes, That Dubai Real Estate Agents Generally Commit

Dubai real estate is a thriving and active real estate market that promises a number of business transactions and growth for the Realtors. real estate developers in dubai with so much growth and business potential, we remain unable to see a lot of successful Realtors here in this market. One of the several reasons of this can be the fact that they do not market their business as extensively as they should. They only stick to conventional marketing tactics and do not move according to the time so they remain unsuccessful. Let’s reveal what are the few marketing mistakes that Dubai real estate agents commit and how they should overcome this quandary.

Mistake 1: Website is NOT important

A few Realtors are unaware of the current marketing trends so they only stick to the conventional marketing methods. In this cyber age, before going out and making a purchase, people search products online. And they do the same with real estate property which is why most agents have websites of their own. Do not forget that your website is the introduction of your business to the customers. Dubai real estate agents must have business websites with targeted keywords. Select keywords after thorough research before optimizing your website against them. At the same time, you must devise a strategy to drive online traffic to your website. Enhance your business presence by promoting your website on different platforms.

Mistake 2: Following the monotony

Most of the Dubai real estate agents repeat a set pattern of marketing strategies by mostly copying others. Many of them are using print advertising to reach out to the target customers or have a website that looks no different than that of a regular agent. If you are doing the same things, it means that you are a part of the crowd because you do not focus on business differentiation strategy. Your marketing message must not be like everyone else’s and should not be generic either. Be as specific as possible in your offers and as clear as possible in your message.

Mistake 3: Not being specific

Bear in mind, you cannot be everything to everyone because you cannot cater to the needs of every type of customer so find out your area of expertise before plunging into this business. In other words, be niche specific. For example, if you are dealing in commercial properties then clients must recognize you as an authority of this field. Whenever a need generates or people become aware of their problems, they start looking for solutions and you must be that solution provider.

Mistake 4: Not building business relationships

Success in real estate business entirely depends upon the business relationships that you develop with your customers. It is always more difficult to entice new buyers, get them to trust and do business with you as compared to selling to existing clients. Therefore, stay in touch with your customers, especially the savvy investors, by releasing reports on market happening, keeping them updated about the latest investment trends, generating business newsletter or property maintenance tips and relevant content for them to read. Keep communication lines open and active for your customers and never put them on hold.

These are a few mistakes that Dubai real estate agents commit while devising marketing strategy for their real estate business. It is important for them to stay updated about current happening in marketing field and implement it in their business to be successful.

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